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Final Fantasy VI

The hair! Watch the hair! I'm not a stuffed animal, kupo!
Quote by: Mog, to Edgar - when he is rescued by a crane


Refer to the following table to view all about the rages of the enemies in Final Fantasy VI. There are four unfilled cells (filled with question marks that will lead you to the Contact page if you follow the link), if you do know what is supposed to be there, let us know by sending an e-mail to, more info at the Contact page.

Rages List

Enemy Sketch Control Rage
1st Class Fight, Ore Wrench Battle, Ore Wrench Stone
Abolisher Duster, Poison Battle, Duster, Poison Poison
Actaneon Clamp, Aqua Rake Battle, Clamp Clamp
Adamanchyt Claw, Acid Rain Battle, Claw, Blaster Acid Rain (Safe)
Allosaurus Doom, Poison Claw Battle, Doom, Poison Claw Doom
Allo Ver Fight, Dead End Battle, Dead End Quake
Anemone Imp, Giga Volt Battle, Bolt 3, Giga Volt Giga Volt
Anguiform Garrote, Aqua Rake Battle, Garrote, Aqua Rake Aqua Rake
Apokryphos Silencer, L3 Muddle Battle, Silencer, L3 Muddle, L4 Flare L3 Muddle
Apparite Slip Touch Battle, Slip Touch, Imp Imp
Aquila Flap, Cyclonic Battle, Flap, Cyclonic, Shimsham Cyclonic
Arneid Fight, Numb Battle, Numb Numb
Aspik Numb Spine, Giga Volt Battle, Giga Volt, Paralyze Giga Volt
Balloon Flare Up, Exploder Battle, Flare Up, Exploder Exploder (float)
Barb-e Slap, Love Token Battle, Slap, Muddle, Dispel LoveToken
Baskervor Claw, Absolute Zero Battle, Claw, Blizzard Cyclonic
Beakor Fight, Duster Battle, Duster Duster
Behemoth Take Down, Meteor Battle, Take Down, Fire 3, Meteor Meteor
Black Drgon Sand Storm, Fallen One Battle, Sand Storm, Doom, Bolt 3 Storm
Bleary Fight, Slumber Battle, Slumber, Dread Doom
Bloompire Energy Sap, Bio Battle, Enery Sap, Bio, Doom Bio
Bogy Fight, OogyBoog Battle, OogyBoog OogyBoog
Bomb Exploder, Blaze Battle, Exploder, Blaze Blaze
Borras Uppercut Battle, Uppercut Revenge
Bounty Man Fight, bite Battle, Bite Bite
Boxed Set Mirror Orb, Meteor Battle, Mirror Orb, Meteor, Lode Stone Meteor (Float, Reflect)
Brachosaur Step Mind, Swing Battle, Swing Disaster
Brainpan Smirk, Blow Fish Battle, Smirk, Blow Fish Blow Fish (Float)
Brawler Fight, Punch None(???) Stone
Brontaur Wall, Fire 3 Battle, Wall, Fire 3, Meteor Fire 3
Buffalax Fight, Riot Battle, Riot, Storm Slow 2 (Poison)
Bug Fight, Stone Spine Battle, Stone Spine Stop
Cactrot Mind Sting, Blow Fish Battle, Mind Sting, Blow Fish Blow Fish
Cephaler Fight, Husk Battle, Husk, Stop Husk
Ceritops Imp, Giga Volt Battle, Bolt 3, Giga Volt Giga Volt
Chaos Drgn Fight, Disaster Cinderiser, Disaster, Meteor Disaster
Chaser Program 17, Plasma Battle, Program 17, Plasma, Dischord Plasma (float)
Chicken Lip Lash, Quake Battle, Lash, Quake Quake
Chimera Frisky, Aqua Rake Battle, Frisky, Blizzard, Aqua Rake Aqua Rake
Cirpius Fight, Beak Battle, Beak, Break Haste (Float)
Cluck Lash, Quake Battle, Lash, Quake Quake
Coelecite Hypno Sting, Magnitude 8 Battle, Hypno Sting, Magnitude 8 Magnitude 8
Commander Fight, Fire Battle, Fire Break
Commando Fight, Program 65 Battle, Program 65, Shell Reflect
Covert Disappear, Wind Slash Battle, Disappear, Wind Slash, Rage Wind Slash
Crasshoppr Fight, Flap Battle, Flap Berserk
Crawler Feeler, Step Mine Battle, Feeler, Step Mine Step Mine
Crawly Fight, Heartburn Battle, Heartburn, Magnitude 8 Heartburn
Critic Condemned, Slip Seed Battle, Condemned, Slip Seed Condemned
Cruller Brain Sugar, Slimer Battle, Brain Storm Slimer
Crusher Blow, Lifeshaver Battle, Crush, Lifeshaver Lifeshaver
Dahling Mute, Cure 2 Battle, Mute, Cure 2 Cure 2
Dante Quartz Pike, L3 Muddle Battle, Quartz Pike, L3 Muddle, Ice 3 L3 Muddle
Dark Force Clean Sweep, L5 Doom Battle, L5 Doom, Clean Sweep, Pearl Wind Clean Sweep
Dark Side Slip Touch, Fire 3 Battle, Slip Touch, Fire 3 Ice 2
Dark Wind Fight, Dice Battle, Dive Break (float)
Deep Eye Dreamland, Dread Battle, Dreamland, Dread Dread
Delta Bug Rush, Mega Volt Battle, Rush, Mega Volt Mega Volt
Didalos Quake, Poison Tusk Battle, Flare, Flare Star, Blaster Merton
Displayer Rib, Doom Battle, Rib, Doom, X-zone Doom
Doberman Fight, Bite Battle, Bite Bite
Doom Drgn Fallen One, N. Cross Battle, Fallen One, N. Cross, S. Cross N. Cross
Dragon Tail, Revenge Battle, Tail, Revenge, Blizzard Revenge
Drop Mad Signal, Muddle Battle, Mad Signal, Muddle Muddle
Dueller Giga Volt, Megahit Battle, Megahit, Mega Volt, Giga Volt Mega Volt
EarthGuard Poison Tail, Big Guard Battle, Poison Tail, Big Guard Big Guard (safe)
Eland Stench, Bio Battle, Stench, Bio, Fire 3 Bio
Enuo Slime, Clean Sweep Battle, Slime, Clean Sweep, Aqua Rake Clean Sweep (reflect)
Evil Oscar Poison, Sour Mouth Battle, Poison, Sour Mouth, Sneeze Bio
Exocite Fight, Scissors Battle, Scissors Scissors
Exoray Doom Pollen, Virite Battle, Doom Pollen, Virite Virite (Shell)
Fidor Fight, Pounce Battle, Pounce Pounce
Figaliz Dischord, Gunk Battle, Dischord, Gunk, Raid Dischord (reflect)
Flan Slip Gunk, Slimer Battle, Slip Gunk, Slimer Slimer
Fortis Double Arm, Shrapnel Battle, Double Arm, Shrapnel, Snowball Fireball
FossilFang Bone, Sand Storm Battle, Bone, Sand Storm, X-zone Sand Storm
Gabbledegak Gold Wrench, Vanish Battle, Gold Wrench, Vanish Vanish
Garm Program 95, Frost 3 Battle, Program 95, Fire 2 Demi
Geckorex Petriglare, Break Battle, Petriglare, Break, Dread Break
General Bio Attack, Cure 2 Battle, Bio Attack Cure 2 Cure 2
Ghost Fire, X-Zone Battle, Fire Bolt 2
Gigan Toad Croak, slimer Battle, Croak, Slimer Slimer
Gigantos Fight, Throat Jab Battle, Throat Jab, Revenge Magnitude 8
Gilomantis Sickle, Lods Stone Battle, Sickle, Shrapnel Shrapnel
GloomShell Rock, Net Battle, Rock, Net Net
Gobbler Silence, Shimsham Battle, Silence, Shimsham Shimsham (Float)
Goblin Fire 3, Bolt 3 Battle, Fire 3, Bolt 3, Ice 3 Bolt 3 (Reflect)
Gold Bear Fight, Gouge Battle, Gouge Gouge
GreaseMonk Fight, Lode Wrench Battle, Lode Wrench, Step Mine Shell (Haste)
Grenade Mesmerize, Blaze Mesmerize, Fire, Blaze Blaze
Gt Behemoth Hay Maker, Meteor Battle, Hay Maker, Meteor, Fire 3 Fire 3
Guard Fight Battle Critical
HadesGigas Head Butt, Magnitude 8 Battle, Head Butt, Magnitude 8 Magnitude 8
Harpiai Aero, Nail Battle, Aero, Nail Aero
Harpy Grip, Cyclonic Battle, Grip, Cyclonic, Aero Cyclonic
Harvester Sickle, Firewall Battle, Sickle, Drain Haste (Haste)
Hazer Fight, Drain Battle, Drain, Fire Bolt 2
Heavy Armor Tek Laser, MetalHand Battle, Tek Laser, MetalHand Tek Laser (Safe)
Hemophyte Shock Wave, Hit Battle, Shock Wave, Curser Gaze, Pearl Shock Wave
HermitCrab Rock, Net Battle, Rock, Net Net (Safe)
Hipocampus Acid Rain, Flash Rain Battle, Acid Rain, Flash Rain Flash Rain
Hoover Crush, Sand Storm Battle, Crush, Sand Storm, Quake Sand Storm
Hornet Fight, Iron Needle Battle, Iron Needle Iron Needle (Float)
Humpty Hug, Poison Battle, Hug, Poison Poison
Ing Glare, Lifeshaver Battle, Glare, Lifeshaver Lifeshaver (Float)
Innoc Fight, L? Pearl Battle, L? Pearl Virite
Insecare Fight, Flap Battle, Flap Flap
Intangir Step Mine Cannot Control Pep Up
Io Plasma, Crush Battle, Plasma, Crush, Blaster Flare Star
Iron Fist Fight, Stone Battle, Stone, Knee Kick Stone
IronHitman Dischord, Destroy Battle, Dischord, Destroy, Tek Laser Dischord
Joker Parasol, Bolt 2 Battle, Parasol, Bolt 2, Acid Rain Bolt 2 (Float)
Junk Parralout, Bolt 3 Battle, Paralout, Pep Up, Exploder Pep Up
Karkass Break, Bolt 3 Battle, Break, Bolt 3, Flare Bolt 3
Kiwok Imp, Cyclonic Battle, Remedy Imp
Land Worm Compress, Magnitude 8 Battle, Compress, Magnitude 8, Lode Stone Magnitude 8
Latimeria Magnitude 8, Wind-Up Battle, Magnitude 8, Wind-Up Magnitude 8
Leafer Fight, Incisor Battle, Incisor Incisor
Lethal Wpn Metal Arm, Megazerk Hit, Megazerk Gravity Bomb
Lich Fire, Fire 2 Battle, Fire, Fire 2, Fire 3 Fire 2
Lizard Imp, Remedy Battle, Break, Dischord Break
Lobo Fight, Tusk Battle, Tusk Tusk
Lunaris Fight, Face Bite Battle, Face Bite Face Bite
Luridan Horn, Land Slide Battle, Horn, Land Slide, Cave In Land Slide
Madam Flare, Pearl Battle, Flare, Pearl, Ice 3 Pearl
Mad Oscar Drool, Sour Mouth Battle, Drool, Sour Mouth Sour Mouth
Magic Urn Remedy, Cure Battle, Remedy, Cure 3, W Wind Cure 3
Mag Roader (Blue) Fight, Wheel, Rush Battle, Wheel, Rush ???
Mag Roader (red) Fight, Wheel, Rush Battle, Wheel, Rush ???
Mag Roader (yellow) Fight, Wheel, Rush Battle, Wheel, Rush ???
Mag Roader (brown) Fight, Wheel Battle, Wheel ???
Maliga Fight, Scissors Battle, Scissors, Remedy Remedy
Mandrake Stone Touch, Raid Battle, Stone Touch, Raid Raid
Mantodea Mind Reaper, Wind Slash Battle, Mind Reaper, Wind Slash Wind Slash
Marshal Fight, Charge Battle, Charge, Bolt 3 Wind Slash
Mesosaur T. Lash, Step Mine Battle, T. Lash, Step Mine Step Mine
Mind Candy Fight, Sleep Sting Battle, Sleep Sting, Sleep Sleep Sting
Misfit Glare, Lifeshaver Battle, Glare, Lifeshaver Lifeshaver
Mover Fight, Disaster Battle, Big Guard Merton
M-Tekarmor Fight, Teklaser Battle, Teklaser Teklaser (Safe)
Muus Pep-Up, Gunk Battle, Pep-Up, Slimer Pep-Up (Shell)
Nastidon Fight, Hug Battle, Hug Blizzard (Safe)
Nautiloid Fight, Ink Battle, Ink Ink (Safe)
NeckHunter Mad Sickle, Imp Battle, Mad Sickle, Imp Imp (Haste)
Necromancer X-Zone, Doom X-Zone, Doom, Flare Doom
Nightshade Poison Rod, Charm Battle, Poison Rod, Charm Charm
Ninja Fire Skean, Water Edge Battle, Fire Skean, Water Edge, Bolt Edge Water Edge
Nohrabbit Cure, Cure 2 Battle, Cure, Cure 2, Remedy Cure 2
Ogor Fight, Meteor Battle, Cold Dust, Pearl Wind Storm
Opinicus Riot, Slide Battle, Slide, Wind Slash, Surge Slide
Orog Bio, Pearl Battle, Bio, Pearl Pearl
Osprey Beak, Shimsham Battle, Beak, Shimsham Shimsham (Float)
Osteosaur Fight Battle, Fossil X-Zone
Outsider Fight, Ruin Battle, Metal Arm, Teklaser Pearl
Over Grunk Bane Touch, Poison Battle, Bane Touch, Muddle Bane Touch
Over Mind Fight, Dread Battle, Dread Elf Fire
Pan Dora Hypno Gas, Revenge Battle, Hypno Gas, Revenge Revenge
Parasite Mind Stop, Giga Volt Battle, Mind Stop, Giga Volt Giga Volt
Parasoul Spin Slice, Flash Rain Battle, Spin Slice, Flash Rain, El Nino Flash Rain
Peepers Tail, Pearl Wind Battle, Tail, Pearl Wind Pearl Wind
Phase Blow Fish, Smirk Battle, Blow Fish, Smirk Blow Fish (Float)
Pipsqueak Imp, Roulette Battle, Demi, Quartr Imp
PlutoArmor Crush, Tek Laser Battle, Crush, Tek Laser, Schiller Tek Laser
Pm Stalker Poison, Drain Battle, Poison, Drain, Bio Drain (Float)
Poplium Fight, Slow Battle, Slow Cling
Poppers Imp, Stone Battle, Break, Stone Stone (Safe)
PowerDemon Flare, Daze Dance Battle, Flare, Daze Dance Flare
Primordite Fight, NumBlade Battle, NumBlade Numblade
ProtoArmor Program 35, Tek Laser Battle, Program 35, Tek Laser, Schiller None
Prussian Fight, Bear Hug Battle, Bear Hug, Stone Land Slide
Psychot Lifeshaver, Mind Shock Battle, Lifeshaver, Mind Shock Lifeshaver, Float
Pterodon Wing, Fire Ball Battle, Wing, Fire Ball Fire Ball
Pug Cleaver, Break Battle, Cleaver, Break Break
Punisher Fight Battle Bolt 3
Rain Man Umbrawler, Bolt 3 Battle, Umbrawler, Bolt 3, Flash Rain Bolt 3
Ralph Fight, Tackle Battle, Tackle Tackle
Reach Frog Tongue, Slimer Battle, Tongue, Slimer Slimer
Red Fang Fight, Rabies Battle, Rabies Drain
Red Wolf Rush, Revenge Battle, Rush Rush
Repo Man Wrench, Flare Battle, Wrench Exploder
Retainer Wind Slash, TradeOff Battle, Wind Slash, TradeOff, Condemned Shock
Rhinotaur Mega Volt, Giga Volt Battle, Mega Volt Mega Volt
Rhinox Bane Strike, Life 3 Battle, Bane Strike, Life 3 Life 3
Rhobite Fight, Incisor Battle, Incisor Life
Rhodox Snare, Near Fatal Battle Snare
Rhyos El Nino, Surge Battle, Flare Star, Surge, El Nino Surge
Rider Silver Pike, Virite Battle, Silver Pike, Virite Virite
Rinn Fight, Slow Battle, Slow Fire (Float)
Samurai Flare, Doom Battle, Flare, Doom, Haste2 Lullaby
Sand Horse Sand Storm, Clamp Battle, Sand Storm, Clamp Sand Storm
Sand Ray Fight, Tail Battle, Tail Tail
Scorpion Fight, Doom Sting Battle, Doom Sting Poison
Scrapper Knife, Elf Fire Battle, Knife, Elf Fire Elf Fire
Scullion Gamma Rays, Exploder Battle, Gamma Rays Dischord
Sea Flower Fight, Feeler Battle, Feeler Sleep
Sewer Rat Fight, Incisor Battle, Incisor Incisor
Sky Armor Backlash, Tek Laser Battle, Backlash, Tek Laser Tek Laser
Sky Base Doom, Giga Volt Battle, Doom Doom
Sky Cap Atomic Ray, Slip Anchor Battle, Slip Anchor, Tek Laser Megazerk
Slam Dancer Ice 2, Fire 2 Battle, Ice 2 , Fire 2, Bolt 2 Ice 2
Slatter Choke, Shimsham Battle, Choke Cave In
Slurm Fight, Heartburn Battle, Heartburn, Magnitude 8, Quake Slimer
Soldier Fight, Scan Battle, Scan Fire
Soul Dancer Fight, Osmose Battle, Osmose, Drain, Fire 2 Osmose
Spectre Fight, Fire Battle, Fire Fire
Spek Tor Scratch, Blaster Battle, Blaster, Acid Rain Blaster
Sp Forces Fight, Blow Battle, Blow, Safe Safe (Safe)
Spit Fire Propeller, Tek Laser Battle, Propeller, Tek Laser, Schiller Tek Laser
Sprinter Drain Beak, Aero Battle, Drain Beak, Cyclonic Aero
Steroidite Rush, Slide Battle, Rush, Blizzard, Blaster Blizzard
Still Life Bane Kiss, Lullaby Battle, Bane Kiss, Lullaby, Condemned Lullaby
Stray Cat Blaster, Catscratch Battle, Catscrath Catscratch
Suriander Yawn, Aqua Rake Battle, Yawn, Aqua Rake Aqua Rake
Tap Dancer Waste Shake, Slow2 Battle, Waste Shake, Slow 2, Haste Slow2
Telstar Launcher, Tek Laser None Sonic Boom (Float)
Templar Fight, Axe Battle, Axe Fire 2 (Safe)
Test Rider Gold Lance, Flash Rain Battle, Lance, Flash Rain Flash Rain
Toe Cutter Doom Sickle, Shrapnel Battle, Doom Sickle, Shrapnel Shrapnel
Tomb Thumb Dash, Step Mine Battle, Dash, Step Mine Step Mine
Trapper L3 Muddle, L5 Doom Battle, L3 Muddle, L4 Flare, L5 Doom L3 Muddle (Float)
Trilium Fight, Bane Touch Battle, Bane Touch Bio
Trilobiter Fight, Poison Barb Battle, Poison Barb, Poison Poison Barb (Safe)
Trixter Fire, Fire 2 Battle, Fire, Fire 2, Fire 3 Fire 2 (Float)
Trooper Fight, Swing Battle, Swing Swing
TumbleWeed Blinder, Lifeshaver Battle, Blinder, Lifeshaver Lifeshaver
Tusker Gore, Blizzard Battle, Gore Blizzard
Tyranosaur Bite, Aero Battle, Bite, Slow, Haste Meteor
Uroburos Bio, Quake Battle, Bio, Quake Quake
Ursus Scratch, Fire 2 Battle, Scratch Net
Vaporite Fight, Slow Battle, Slow Blaze (Float)
Vectagoyle Giga Volt, Aqua Rake Battle, Gig Volt, Aqua Rake, Blaze Aqua Rake
Vectaur Tusk, Pearl Wind Battle, Claw, Pearl Wind Pearl Wind
Vector Pup Fight, Bite Battle, Bite Bite
Vermin Bacteria, Bio Battle, Bacteria, Bio Scan
Veteran Fight, Roulette Battle, Doom, X-Zone, Roulette Condemned
Vindr Beak, Acid Rain Battle, Beak, Acid Rain Acid Rain
Vomammoth Bear Claw, Blizzard Battle, Bear Claw, Blizzard Blizzard
Vulture Blinder, Shimsham Battle, Blinder, Shimsham Shimsham (Float)
Warlock Magic Drain, Pearl Battle, Magic Drain, Pearl Pearl
Wart Puck Fight, Yawn Battle, Yawn, Exploder Rasp
WeedFeeder Fight, Flap Battle, Flap, Berserk Berserk
Were-Rat Fight, Bite Battle, Bite Poison
Whisper Quartr, Demi Battle, Fire, Demi Demi (Float)
Wild Cat Pounce, Blaster Battle, Pounce, Blaster Blaster
Wild Rat Fight, Scratch Battle, Scratch Fight
Wirey Drgn Wing, Cyclonic Battle, Wing, Cyclonic Cyclonic
Wizard Rasp, Demi Battle, Rasp, Demi, Stop Demi
Woolly Frenzy, W. Wind Battle, Frenzy Frost 3
Wyvern Slip Wing, Cyclonic Battle, Slip Wing, Cyclonic Cyclonic
Zombone Bone, Bolt 3 Battle, Bone, Poison, Bio Condemned
ZoneEater Fight None None

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